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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Creative Person, from Osho

A creative person is one who has insight, who can see things nobody else has ever seen before, who hears things that nobody has heard before...The soul happens only when the artist disappears into his art -he is no longer separate. When the painter paints with such abandon that he is not there, so that he even feels guilty to sign his painting because he knows he has not done it...Some unknown force has done it through him, he knows that he has been possessed. That has been the experience of all the really great artists down the ages: the feeling of being possessed. The greater the artist, the more clear the feeling is. And those who are the greatest - a Mozart, a Beethoven... those who are the greatest are absolutely certain that they have been nothing but hollow bamboos and existence has been singing through them. They have been flutes but the song is not theirs. It has flowed through them, but it comes from some unknown source. They have not hindered - but they have not created it. By Osho


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