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Monday, March 12, 2007

Is Fast Food killing us?

Some months ago I read the book, Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser. It is a book that we all must read. It gives light on health and food issues that are growing every day because of the popularity of fast food. It seems that we don't like to cook anymore. Is that because we may think that buying raw healthy food and cooking is a waste of time? Or is it because we want everything right away? No waiting time. Period. Give it to me now or forget it!

If we all discover what kind of meat, chemical ingredients, and fats we're eating, and what effects they're making on our health, we would all stop buying fast food. I also watched "Supersize me", a film by Morgan Spurlock, and I was amazed at the further light it shed on this topic. I remember he put cooked french fries that he bought from McDonalds to a test and see how long they last without spoiling. Two months passed and they hadn't spoiled! What chemicals do those french fries have?

Another issue with the fast food chains is obesity. They're making people eat more. That's gluttony! An overindulgence of food and drink! At McDonald's they ask you: Would you like to supersize it? At the buffet restaurants: All you can eat! At parties and social gatherings: Please, help yourselves! At home they tell you: Don't leave any food! It's interesting to know that during early Christianity, sins were classified in order to educate people about our sinful nature. In the classification, gluttony is number two! No wonder when the Catholic church, in order to induce fear, stated that gluttons went to the Purgatory, where they stood between two trees, but couldn't reach or eat their fruits. So gluttons starve there! But meanwhile, here and now, we are getting obese, sick, tired, and hopeless. Thus we live less and have less time to fulfill our purpose on earth.

Let us stop eating fast food and eat instead healthy food such as vegetables and fruits, whole grains, beans, and nuts. Check these websites below. They can help us find better health and eating habits:




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